Friday, August 22, 2014

Exclusive Education 9: Cheerleader Camp

"It's summer time and eight beauties have arrived for cheerleader camp! Snow Mercy is the camp coach - and Christy Cutie is from her same school, so she doesn't want the girls messing with Christy. But while Miss Snow is away, Christy actually picks on the other girls, who then spank her, which Miss Snow sees. "

"So Snow spanks them otk one at a time with her hand. Then she allows Christy to spank each one on the other cheerleaders."

"Then both Snow and Christy spank them 2 at a time, with hairbrushes."

"But when Snow discovers that it was actually Christy who started it all, she spanks Christy with hand, hairbrush and the dreaded cane."

"The class of 8 schoolgirls are Christy Cutie, Willow Lynn, Koko Kitten, Alex Reynolds, Chanell Heart, Lana Lopez, Yasmine DeLeon and Lilly with camp coach, Snow Mercy."

I absolutely LOVED shooting EE9 Cheerleader Camp! 
Flouncing around in a tiny cheer skirt was ridiculously hot! And playing such a naughty mean girl was lots of fun! I hope I get to shoot more naughty cheerleader scenes again soon!

Check Out the Clips:
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  1. Christy a very good series and you get to spank some cute girls botties ,oh but you get big spanks too lol ,love and spanks,Timxx

  2. Christy you are spanking cute girls botties now in the super series Cheerleaders ,love and spanks from ,Timxx

  3. You were AWESOME in this epic Christy!!!

  4. Christy you are having big spank now lol ,love and spanks,Timx

  5. Look forward to your next post lovey,best spanks from ,Timx