Spanking Sessions

I am now booking private spanking sessions as a bottom, Top or switch!
Ever since I was a very little girl I have been in love with the idea of spanking. Any time I saw a movie or read a book that had a spanking scene in it my heart would start to race, my cheeks would blush; curiosity, anticipation, and desire rushed through me. 
Around age 12 I began to draw spanking art; naughty little doodles in my school notebooks, and colored pencil sketches in my diary (complete with cherry red bottoms of course).
 When I entered high school I became enraptured by spanking erotica and even began to write down fantasies of my own, but, it wasn’t until 2011 that I received my very first spanking. A romantic stroll along the beach at sunset, hand in hand with my first serious boyfriend, I found myself bent over his knee on a park bench, jeans and panties pulled down for what would be the first of MANY bare bottom spankings to come!

Websites I've modeled for:
Assume the Position Studios:
Bare Bottom Spankings:
Born to be Bound:
Chelsea Pfeiffer's:   
Dana Specht's:
Disciplinary Arts:
Keye Bondage Images:
Spanking Princess Kelley:
Sternwood Academy:
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Uncle Bob’s Woodshed:

Models I've Worked with:
Alex Reynolds
Amelia Jane Rutherford
Cali Katerina
Casey Calvert
Clare Fonda
Chelsea Pfeiffer
Cheyenne Jewel
Dana Kane
Dana Specht
Ela Darling
Heather Green
Jenni Mack
Jj Plush
Joelle Barros
Kat St. James
Kisa Corvin
Lilia Spinoza
Maddy Marks
Pandora Blake
Paris Kennedy
Phoenix Askani
Princess Kelley
Roxy Jezel
Sarah Gregory
Snow Mercy
Stevie Rose
Ten Amorette
Veronica Ricci

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Interviews, Reviews & Articles
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Feel free to send me a private message or email to learn more about booking me for a shoot or private session!


  1. So many cool sites, and videos you have there!

  2. i would love have a spankings session with you cause your so cute sweet and adorable

    madison ohio

  3. Scott Stevens, Central CAMay 4, 2014 at 7:14 PM

    Christy, you are so cute and so artistic in what you do. I just joined Dana Kane and you are great on there; I've seen you many times on other sites also. I didnt know you had a blog, glad to see it!!

  4. The Headmaster conducts a hygiene check on Jodi, inspecting the student's finger nails and the backs of her ears. But he has a hard time convincing her to remove all of her clothes for a complete examination. Her disobedience causes him to demand she take out the spanking instruments. A couple of whacks with the hairbrush on her uniformed bottom, while she’s splayed across his knees, convince her it’s easier to obey. Watch full movie here

  5. Mistress Jasmine gave sub Tony an intense flogging across his chest before cutting a hole in his pants with scissors, which were big enough to cut his hand off if she so wished. Then for a second Mistress admired his hard cock before also flogging it with mighty lashes.
    Click here to watch full video