Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Aunty Dana's Naughty Nieces

Okay, so this is another oldie, but a goodie :)
Aunty Dana's Naughty Nieces
The premise of this spanking tale is as follows: two naughty sisters, myself and the adorable Ela Darling, are sent to our Aunt's house...basically we need to get our bottoms spanked a LOT, and we need our strict Aunt, played by the lovely Dana Kane, to straighten us out ;)
Aunty Dana inspects our luggage...and decides that we are dressed inappropriately. 
Spankings ensue.
We are issued punishment uniforms: white cotton panties, undershirts and socks. Once we have changed, Aunty Dana instructs us to meet her downstairs in the living room...for our punishments.
We nervously perch on the sofa...never having been spanked before, Ela and I are very wary of what is about to occur.
One by one, our white cotton panties are peeled down, our bottoms bared, to receive our bare bottom spankings!
Pink cheeks and tears in our eyes we are sent to bed early.
The next day, we find that Aunty Dana has assigned a list of chores for each of us to compete. Ela, being the older sister, decides to take charge. Enough was enough...Aunty Dana can't treat us like children! Ela is spanked for being a bad influence.
Then I request a spanking from Aunty wasn't fair for only Ela to be punished...also I felt like I had been a naughty girl and I needed another spanking.
By the end of our visit with Aunty Dana, Ela and I both had very sore, and very red bottoms...but we had both learned to be better behaved girls. Spankings prevail! 

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