Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Paddled Cheerleaders - Alex, Christy & Maddy

Maddy Marks, Christy Cutie & Alex Reynolds
Okay, so I have a confession to make...I may have been looking through some of my old pictures, reminiscing, playing with myself...you know, just your typical evening at home. When I realized that I had completely forgotten to blog about one of my favorite shoots! 
Shame on me for depriving the internet of some of the cutest spanking pics, like ever! 
This film stars the self-appointed, LA Brat Pack, and my best friends: Alex ReynoldsMaddy Marks, and myself (Christy Cutie). What's better than hanging out with your BFFs in Vegas? Why, hanging out with your BFFs while wearing adorable outfits and getting spanked of course!
Alex, Maddy and myself hail from rival cheerleading teams, and we have one naughty scheme planned. Ultimately, we have decided to bet on how our three teams will rank in the competition...however, our bets weren't just a friendly wager between competitors, this bet was to be a rigged scam involving each team's placement in the competition. 
Unfortunately for us, we were found out and had to face the humiliating consequences of either being  disqualified from the competition, or receiving a very hard, bare bottom spanking! I think it should be fairly obvious which choice we made ;)
Skirts up, knickers down and off...
 ...bent over, with our hands on the wall...
...we each receive a volley of hard swats with this mean holy paddle!
By the end of this very ouchy film, we three cheerleaders have very pink bottoms indeed! In fact, our bottoms are so red, and so sore, that we take it in turn to rub and massage each other.
Poor us <3
Check out the Film: www.aaaspanking.com

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