Friday, August 18, 2017

Alex & Christy Spanking Shenanigans

This was my first video to launch on Northern Spanking's website! Hooray for spanking shenanigans with one of my best friends, Alex Reynolds! In this naughty scene Alex and I have been soundly spanked and are sent to bed early to contemplate our misdeeds. However, instead of doing what good girls should, Alex and I decide to inspect our spanked bottoms, and play with each other in a very naughty way ;)
First we massage each other's bright pink, and very sore, panty clad bottoms.
Then things get a little naughtier when Alex decides to pull down my panties, and expose my freshly punished bottom. Alex insists that I have not been spanked nearly enough. She proceeds to spank my sore bottom.
I decide that this little game would be more fun if I get to play with and spank Alex's bottom too. After all, her bottom had not been spanked nearly enough either...
We giggle and frolic enjoying our naughty shenanigans...and they get slightly out of hand. Ending with us humping and grinding on our pillows <3
Check out the Clips:

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  1. Two lovely young girls who have spanky fun together and im very pleased friends of mine ,love and best spanks from Tim xx