Saturday, July 1, 2017

Bedtime Brats: Casey, Christy & Sarah

Sarah Gregory, Christy Cutie & Casey Calvert
Is there anything more fun than having a naughty sleepover with your besties? 
Um...yes. Yes, there is. Because, what's more fun is having a naughty sleepover with your best friends, getting caught being naughty, and being spanked on your bare bottoms together! 
So much fun! So much horny! And oh so much naughty!
One evening, during one of our shenanigan filled slumber parties, our brattiness factor may have gotten a little tiny bit out of control. 
And what happens when Sarah, Christy and Casey can't behave themselves....well naturally, we end up with our pajama bottoms and panties yanked down for a bare bottom reminder. 
Best friends lined up cheek to cheek, exposed for the proper punishment that they so rightly deserve.
A well spanked bottom is the only way we naughty girls will learn. And unfortunately for us, there are many lessons we have yet to learn ;)