Saturday, April 8, 2017

Christy's Dirty Secrets with Dana Kane

In this fun scene I get to play with one of my favorite female Tops, the lovely Dana Kane! This film is part of a series in which I play one of Auntie Dana's Naughty Nieces alongside the adorable Ela Darling!
"My sweetest niece, Christy, has come to spend another weekend with Auntie Dana, and I am so happy to see her - but as soon as she arrives, she admits that she's been very naughty and needs a spanking badly."
"I ask Christy what she's done, but she can't even say it out loud, and has to whisper her secrets in my ear while she sits in my lap."
"I am shocked at what my supposedly-innocent niece tells me, and spank her naughty little bottom hard with my bare hand while she squirms and wiggles on my lap. Bad girl!"
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