Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christy's Christmas Spanking

It’s Christmas morning and I guess Santa thought that I was especially naughty this year…I got an icky old lump of coal!
My Daddy is very strict. He always gives my bare bottom an ouchie spanking when I am a naughty little girl. And this year I was naughty enough to get on the Naughty List! 

Daddy laid out all of his meanest implements….my bottom was about to receive a very sound spanking!
Daddy instructed me to bend over. My pajama clad bottom pushed out and prepared for punishment. 
“Now, little girl, Daddy is going to give you 100 swats on your naughty bottom.” 
I whimpered, knowing that the worse was yet to come!

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Friday, December 19, 2014

Santa's Cookies: Christy's Christmas Spanking

Santa's Cookies

Featuring Christy Cutie with Chelsea
Chelsea made a lovely plate of cookies to leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve. Naughty Christy decided to try smoking pot that same evening. She then proceeded to get a terrible case of the munchies, a known after effect of smoking the illicit substance. And, there they were. Yummy cookies with a full glass of milk, right in front of Christy, who consumed all of them except for a few crumbs. Chelsea later found Christy asleep on the couch and plate of cookies, now just crumbs. Looks like it's a Christmas Eve spanking for Christy!

"Did you eat Santa's cookies, Christy?"
Naughty girls get spankings!
Oh no >,<
Naughty girls get spankings on their bare bottoms!
Very ouchie spankings!
And....ouchie paddlings!
A bare bottom Christmas Paddling!
Christy gets a red bottom for Christmas!
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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I Saw Christy Twerking Santa Claus!

I Saw Christy Twerking Santa Claus! 
A Christmas Spanking

Featuring Christy Cutie with Chelsea
"Christy dressed up and went to the mall to get her picture taken with Santa so she could make her own Christmas cards. Unfortunately, her idea to playfully turn her photo session into a full on twerking scene in public drew a bit too much attention. Video of her escapades quickly went viral! I saw it, or as much of it as they could show, on the evening news. Aunt Chelsea doesn't condone that sort of behavior. No, I don't! There was a good dose of discipline waiting for her when she got home."
Spanked by Aunt Chelsea for Twerking Santa Claus
Over her knee, tight HotBonds skirt pulled up...bare bottom exposed!
First Aunt Chelsea Spanked me very Hard with her hand!
Then she used a very VERY ouchie wood paddle!
Panties yanked down for a truly bare bottom paddling!
That Paddle was Super Duper OUCHIE!
Please stop...I wont do it again!
No punishment is complete without a dose of Aunt Chelsea's leather strap!!
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Naughty Cheerleader Spankings & Wedgies:

Cheerleader Spankings & Wedgies:

Christy Spanked and Wedgied by Maddy Marks
Naughty school girls, Christy and Maddy, are home from school. Maddy is upset with Christy. Christy gave Maddy's friend a wedgie at school. She also got Maddy's friend into trouble at school, and everyone knows what happens when a girl gets into trouble at school....they get their bare bottom spanked! 
Maddy isn't going to let Christy get away with treating her friend like that. Maddy decides to take matters into her own hands! Maddy confronts Christy, telling her that she can't be such a meanie face. Then Maddy decides to give Christy a taste of her own medicine, and yanks Christy's white cotton panties up into a super ouchie wedgie! Christy protests and wriggles in discomfort, but Maddy isn't done punishing her naughty friend she decides to give Christy a spanking! 
Maddy yanks and tugs Christy's panties tightly, and rhythmically, all the while smacking her creamy white bottom until it turns bright pink! Christy yelps and moans in humiliation and pain....Maddy giggles, enjoying her friend's plight, and continues to spank her pink bottom!
Naughty Cheer Wedgies - Christy’s Revenge
Maddy gave Christy quite the spanking! Naughty Christy's bottom is bright cherry red, and very fact Christy feels that Maddy punished her way more than she deserved....Christy decides that it's time for a little revenge!
Christy bends Maddy over and tugs her white cotton panties up into a very ouchie wedge! Christy rhythmically yanks the thin cotton material up and down, spreading Maddy's bottom cheeks and exposing her naughty bits for spanking!  Maddy moans and yelps, wriggling in protest as Christy continues to punish her bottom until it turns bright cherry red!
Little did these two naughty girls know, Christy's Daddy was now home from work, and he was about to get to the bottom of all of their shenanigans!
Christy's Daddy is very strict. 
He doesn't tolerate rough housing or indecency of any kind. 
So when he came home and found these girls with their school girl skirts up and their bottoms on display, he knew that this situation called for a dose of Daddy's leather belt! There was nothing quite like the sensation of a belt whipped bottom to keep a young girl from going astray.
Christy and Maddy needed to get their bare bottoms blistered! After all, Daddy knows best.

Spanked by Sister

Spanked by Sister: Sarah Gives Christy a Spanking

Sarah has been put in charge of her younger sister while mom is away. Sarah gets a call from Mom that a letter was sent home from Christy’s school. 
Christy needs some discipline for slacking off in school. Sarah gives her sister a bare bottom spanking with her hand and hairbrush for getting bad grades, slacking off, and being late for classes. This is not a behavior that is tolerated in their family.