Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Punishment Place:

The Punishment Place
"Christy, as many of us, is a work in progress. She's got her share of bad habits. Luckily for her, Chelsea is dedicated to assisting Christy in the breaking of those bad habits. Whenever Christy is naughty, Chelsea leads her to the punishment place, where all bad habits are properly addressed!"
Ouchie Spankings for not cleaning up my dishes >,<
My poor bottom!

Over Chelsea's lap again >,< I didn't put my laundry away
Naughty girls who don't do their chores properly get spanked!
Sooo embarrassing :o

Oh noz not again!
"What did I do wrong this time??"
Apparently, Chelsea doesn't approve of me popping my knuckles >,<
Mean ol' paddle!!

I've been naughty this point my poor bottom is super sore!
Chelsea gave me lots and lots and LOTS of spankings! Will I ever learn? Probably not ;)
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