Sunday, May 4, 2014

Christy Cutie Bondage:

Hi, everybody!
I've been a very busy bee lately :)
I have been working on lots of shoots and getting ready to travel to Dallas, Texas for the Texas All State Spanking Party! 
All of the shoots I've been working on for the past few weeks have been amazingly hot business! Hooray for getting to shoot with some of my friends (Alex Reynolds, Maddy Marks, Pandora Blake, Casey Calvert) and I've had the chance to shoot with a few new spanking producers! Keep an eye out for my new videos on Dreams of Spanking and Northern Spanking!

The reason I am writing this particular blog post is because recently I shot with a bondage producer and he told me that he didn't know that I did bondage work. That he had wanted to ask me to shoot with him for awhile, but he had thought that I only shot spanking content. hopes are that this post will let people know that Christy Cutie does bondage
I am an adventurous and very naughty girl :) I love trying new things and exploring sexy fetishes! I've actually done a few bondage shoots in the past, and I've really enjoyed them! 
I'm definitely on the hunt to do more bondage work :)

Here are a few bondage sites that I have modeled for:

Tie me up & Spank me! I've been a very naughty girl <3