Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Spanked Victorian Call Girls:

"Yes they had hookers in Victorian times. And we are doing our best to expose you to what might have actually happened between two dolly-mops (callgirls) in Victorian times. With Veronica Ricci, the more experienced callgirl, spanking Christy Cutie, before getting spanked right back. Hand and wooden paddle."
Veronica is shocked by my naive & inexperienced behavior
She decides that spanking me is the only way I will learn how to be a proper dolly-mop 
Veronica spanks me very hard on my bare bottom
Veronica exposes me and punishes me very soundly
My poor bottom hurt so badly!
Veronica let's slip that she's not really supposed to spank any of the new girls
I get my revenge on Veronica! I spank her with my hand & an ouchy paddle!
I'm very pleased with my handiwork ;)