Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Christmas Spanking:

"Christy is stripped to her pretty little Christmas panties. Her big eyes imploring you as she begs for a spanking. Her hips sway, jingling the bells on the ruffles of her satin panties. Juicy bottom jiggles non stop, teasing you, begging for the spanking you know she deserves. Down come her panties, you are entranced by her feminine charms. Swaying hip, sultry voice, coyly tantalizing you. Don’t you want to pull my panties down and spank my bare bottom? The Ultimate spank tease- Christy Cutie, treats you to a delicious view, and you’d love to make her dreams come true with the well spanked bottom this naughty girl clearly deserves!"

"After a topless tease, seductively begging for a spanking, Christy Cutie will get her bare bottom wish. Ordered sternly over the bed with her legs spread, his big hand caresses her luscious bottom before cracking down. Jingling her panties as she whimpers under his ministrations, her creamy white globes begin to glow hot and red. Despite her protests, her panties are lowered to her thighs as the swats fall hard and fast. By the conclusion, her juicy round bottom cheeks match her red satin jingle bell panties."

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Punishing Daddy's Darling: My First Enema

"Christy Cutie is in trouble again! Caught coming home with sweets, stolen from the candy store. Scolded before she is bent over the bed, her pretty dress folded up to reveal lacy petticoats and sheer bloomers. Time for discipline with Daddy’s thick leather belt. Her milky white flesh soon begins to glow, jumping and wigging as her bloomer clad bottom and bare thighs take a healthy licking. Protesting as her thighs are whipped, she emphatically cries through her apology. Hard and heavy the belt cracks on her naughty bottom. 20 hard licks, punctuated by her apology end her belt whipping. This punishment is far from over!"
"Removing his jacket, he orders her to fetch the hairbrush. Positioned over his knee for swats, his hand explores the progress of her punishment. Hot cheeks are spanked hard, pausing to rub and calm her for the discipline ahead. When her cheeks are livid and red, her bloomers are pulled down to continue her spanking on the bare. Whimpering as she absorbs the heavy discipline, her cries are punctuated by solid swats. Beside herself, she begins to cry and beg, held firmly in place, with no choice but to take her spanking. Defiant struggling is met with cruel swats on her thighs, eliciting pitiful sobbing as her lesson is learned." 
"A vicious beating with the brutal tawse on the seat of her sheer lace bloomers leaves Christy in tears. The pain is intense, forcing screams of anguish from her sweet little mouth. Gasping and moaning as she takes her punishment, knowing she has been a bad girl. Pulled over daddy’s lap, her bloomers are lowered for a harsh paddling. Her bare bottom is swollen and red, crying out from the onslaught of cruel swats."
My First Enema was very ouchy. I had been a very naughty little girl...stealing candy from the candy shop...and now Daddy had to punish me inside and out! My bottom was already very pink and very sore from my spanking, but Daddy told me that my punishment wasn't over yet! I was marched into the bathroom and instructed to remove my bloomers for my punishment enema! I was so humiliated as I knelt on the floor displaying myself to Daddy...and then he took the enema nozzle and inserted the tip of the hose inside my tight little bottom hole...warm, sudsy water rushed inside me...filling me and making my tummy cramp. Once I had taken all of the water, Daddy removed the nozzle and inserted a butt plug to help me hold my punishment enema for swats! Daddy spanked me all while I held my enema and I squealed and squirmed and moaned in discomfort...I'll be sure to be a good girl next time!  
My First Enema Scene
I had been a very naughty little girl and Daddy had to punish me very soundly. I had already been spanked with his belt and a hairbrush, then I was spanked some more when Daddy gave me my punishment enema and now I was about to receive some supper ouchy swats with the dreaded bathbrush! Hands on the wall, bare bottom out, Daddy smacked my sore red bottom with the mean bathbrush. I jumped and yelped as it made contact with my tender flesh. It stung so badly and nearly blistered my skin as Daddy whaled away at my naughty bottom!