Sunday, September 29, 2013

Shadow Lane 2013: Spanked for Twerking

Hi everybody! It's been like forever, I know lol. I've been busy having lots of spanking adventures!
Back in July, I attended my very 1st Chicago Crimson Moon Spanking Party! It was fabulous fun...although, sadly I neglected to take pictures (super sad face). I probably deserve a spanking for that ;)
So despite lack of photographic documentation, Crimson Moon was lots of fun. I got to meet lots of new friends, explore a new city and of course, I got LOTS of spankings! Overall a very enjoyable adventure.
Then in August, I attended my very 1st Shadow Lane Spanking Party! I have to say, this just might have been my favorite spanking party ever! Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Shadow Lane party was the largest spanking extravaganza I have ever been to! I met so many new friends and got to shoot with a few of my favorite spanking websites! Annnd ohmygosh (fangirl squeal) I met some of my spanking idols! I was especially star struck when meeting Erica Scott and Keith Jones. I have "enjoyed" their videos since before I was such, I was totally girl goo when I actually got to meet them. I mean really, never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that I would one day be meeting these spanking stars. Lol, of course, I suppose I never did imagine that I would one day be in spanking movies myself...but anywho, it was an awesome experience!
While at the Shadow Lane party, I had the opportunity to shoot for Shadow Lane's website! And to top it off, I would be working with Keith Jones!! I may or may not have jumped up and down and squealed when I discovered this.
Anyways, the Shadow Lane shoot was SO MUCH FUN! I worked with Keith, Sarah Gregory, and Joelle Barros (all of whom were fantastic fun)! 
Joelle Barros, Sarah Gregory and me
In our scene, Sarah, Joelle and I are naughty cousins. We are visiting our fancy, rich uncle because we are touring universities and he is the one who will be paying for our educations. One night we decide to go out and party, Sarah shows Joelle and I how to twerk (which was definitely necessary, because neither of us had ever heard of "twerking" and neither of us was very successful at it...mostly we just wiggled our booties). Sarah then made a video of us shaking our butts and put it on the internet. Of course, one thing leads to another and Uncle Penwyn (AKA super sexy business Keith Jones) finds out....DUN-DUN-DUUUUN!!!
Uncle Penwyn instructs our older cousin, Sarah, to spank our bottoms soundly until he can get home and deal with all three of us himself. So, despite our protests, Sarah takes each of us over her knee and spanks us on our bare bottoms!
Are poor bottoms are already very sore, but our punishments had just begun. Uncle Penwyn finally comes home, and we three girls are in for it now! We are scolded and spanked by our uncle. And, I must say, this spanking was very ouchy! Keith has a very strong hand, each swat landed heavily on my rosy cheeks! (Sidebar- this spanking was amazingly yummy, I wanted to moan in pleasure the entire time - end sidebar)
Keith Jones Spanking my Naughty Bottom :)
By the end of the scene all three of our bottoms were very red and very sore! It was an awesome day :) new friends and spankin's...yeah, you can't go wrong with that.