Monday, June 10, 2013

Spanked Hooters Girls:

Here's some pics from a really fun shoot I worked on back in November! In this clip us three Hooters Girls (Veronica, Christy & Jamie) are missing our panty hose....somebody forgot to wash them and now we're ALL in trouble for uniform violation! 
The only solution for us naughty Hooters Girls is to have our bare bottoms soundly spanked! We take turns spanking each other with a variety of very ouchy implements: a wooden spoon, a hairbrush and even a vanity mirror! By the end of this scene all of our bubbly bottoms are cherry red, swollen and super sore!
Veronica, Christy, Jamie
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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Shopping for a Spanking:

"Christy came home from her afternoon of shopping with some surprises! When Chelsea discovers what's in the shopping bag, she's only too ready to help Christy try out her new purchases."
Check Out this Great Scene and More:
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