Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Naughty Sisters Bedtime Spanking

Casey Calvert & Christy Cutie
"Sneaking the car in the driveway, hoping Daddy won’t notice, Christy Cutie and Casey Calvert are in for a good hard spanking! Yanked out of bed, Christy is yanked over his lap first for a stiff spanking with Daddy’s big hands. Her yellow lacy panties expose her ample juicy cheeks, yanked up high. Jiggling, crying out in protest as the blows reign down on her deserving backside."
 "“Go get the paddle!” Stiff leather cracks across her scorched flesh, her arm is pinned as she tries to reach back in defiance. Grabbing a brutal hairbrush paddle, drilled with blistering holes, his legs lock her over his lap. Panties come down and the blistering swats punish her poor bottom till she begins to cry. A lesson will be learned by the time he is finished with these naughty girls!" 
"Casey and Christy have been very squirmy during their punishment. Time for the burn of a good ole fashioned figging in their naughty bottoms. Side by side, bottoms pushed up, panties down for a plug of fresh ginger. Moaning as the intense burn teaches them a lesson"
"Bare bottoms pushed high in the air, side by side, Casey and Christy have their panties pulled down around their thighs. Daddy's heavy belts cracks hard across exposed skin, yelping in pain as they are punished together. Christy earns a few swats of the paddle on all fours and Casey has her bottom strapped hard."

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Spanked Call Girls: Christy Caught Stealing

"Christy Cutie is getting a little bold at her new job. When she attempts to steal from the large Double Dan, she is quickly taught a lesson in behavior. She is dragged over his knee for a sound spanking with hand, then hairbrush. The hairbrush is broken over Christy's tender backside, and she is reduced to tears."
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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Spanking Sorority Girls: Episode 28

"Elder sister Sarah Gregory is at it again, terrorizing pledge Christy Cutie with a hard hand spanking and paddling, showing Christy what she can expect at the initiation. Christy complains that Roxy warned the sisters not to do any spanking just before the big initiation ceremony, but Sarah spanks Christy extra to get her to keep silent from Spanking Sorority Girls!"

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Discipline Session:

 This week I had a shoot with the lovely, Chelsea Pfeiffer! I love working with Chelsea. She's very down to earth and has a fantastic sense of humor. We spent the afternoon giggling and spanking-- what more could a kinky girl want? 
One of the scenes we shot on this day was inspired by the idea of punishment rituals. This concept is a total turn-on for me, as well as for Chelsea! There's just something ridiculously HOT about: protocol, tradition, rules and the promise of weekly discipline!
In this scene, I report to Chelsea, my disciplinarian, for our weekly session. Regrettably, I have behaved very badly this week. Not only did I cheat on one of my exams, but I stole my Daddy's credit card in order to buy the exam answers off the internet!
I'm in for a long, hard spanking!
this is my ouchy-face

bye bye panties ;)

this was an EXTREMELY ouchy brush!

note the worried-face expression

OUCH >,<

side note: this was my first time being collar & leash lead... :)
between takes I told Chelsea that I felt like a naughty puppy

 I LOVE leather toys ^_^