Monday, April 29, 2013

Spankerotica- Tangerine Dreams

"It's nearly bedtime, and naughty little Christy is up to no good. Dressed only in a frilly, tangerine colored nighty and panties, Christy scampers into bed, and grabs for her new favorite erotica novella."
"Christy squirms, and becomes flushed with excitement as she eagerly devours the spanking story until, she is unceremoniously interrupted by her very stern step-father!"
"step-father is appalled and swiftly takes Christy over his knee, scolding her while spanking her scantily clad bottom for such unladylike behavior."
"Poor Christy blushes and winces as each firm smack lands on her peachy globes, stinging and warming her bottom all while making her nether region this is what a spanking feels like"

Monday, April 22, 2013

Spanking Court: Christy Questions Authority

"Christy attends her first probation session, and when the Court Disciplinarian decides that Christy needs a maintenance spanking because she isn't taking her probation seriously, she questions his authority and demands to see Judge Spanks. Knowing that the Judge will support his staff, the Court Disciplinarian happily takes Christy into the Courtroom. What will the Judge do?"

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sternwood Academy: Casey & Christy Caned

 Earlier this month, my naughty cohortCasey Calvert, and I were sent to the Headmaster's study. During a surprise room inspection one of Sternwood Academy's strictest teachers, Dana Kane, found a bottle of alcohol in our dormitory. Casey and I told her that it wasn't ours! I don't know why nobody ever believes us! We didn't do it--honest! 
But, despite our protests, we were marched into the Headmaster's study to be lectured, scolded and punished with one of the Headmaster's cruelest canes!
We were sentenced to sixty strokes each! My poor bottom was on fire! Each stroke of the cane was excruciatingly painful! We only made it to about twenty strokes before admitting that we had lied...the alcohol was ours. 
We were doomed. From that point on, the Headmaster's delivery was even harder! He seemed to be building up steam, the awful stinging bite of each cane stroke left Casey and I howling! 
The final set of stokes were by far the most painful! I could feel heat radiating from my bare bottom...each cane stoke had left an angry, scarlet, welt across my exposed cheeks!
Casey and I whimpered and cried...promising to be good girls again.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Punishment Ritual: My Victorian Spanking Fantasy

When I was a little girl, my favorite doll was my American Girl doll, Samantha. Samantha was from the Victorian era. She had lots of pretty little dresses and always had a ribbon in her hair...but my favorite part about my little dolly was her underwear. She had an adorable pair of bloomers! And of course, being the little spanko that I was, I was constantly spanking my naughty dolly in her bloomers...always imagining that I was the one receiving a spanking in bloomers. 
Last week my fantasy finally came true! 
So, without further ado, here's my Victorian Spanking Fantasy--enjoy!
"Every Friday evening, promptly at 4:00 PM, Christy reports to her Father's study. Each week, without fail, Christy is soundly disciplined by her very strict father-- any misbehavior or disobedience that occurred during that week would be met with a brutal caning on her bare backside."
"This week's disciplinary session was to be the harshest punishment Christy had ever received. Not only had Christy misbehaved at home, but this week she had also misbehaved at school! Poor Christy trembled with anticipation as she entered her fathers study that evening. She was swiftly ordered to straddle the punishment bench, lift her skirts and expose herself for her beating."
 "Christy's father wasted no time, he strapped her wrists to the bench and opened the back of her bloomers, baring her milky white flesh. What would follow was sure to be the most painful caning of Christy's young life. Each stinging stroke would sear into her tender skin, leaving angry, swollen welts and blistering cuts on her ample hindquarters. Sweet Christy would not soon forget this evening's punishment ritual!