Friday, February 15, 2013

Double-Spanked in Uncle Bob's Woodshed

  DoubleSpanked Woodshed
Watch me get spanked over two laps at once for a hard double punishment that leaves my little bottom glowing! 
First, Uncle Bob drags me down to the woodshed where I am spanked over my short-shorts, then, they get hiked-up to reveal all of my pink parts for a double handspanking at Uncle Bob and my Daddy's hands...and lastly, my poor punished bottom gets an extra ouchy double leather paddling!
This was one of my favorite spankings ever! I loved being marched down to the woodshed and forced over the knee for a very ouchy punishment! I had never been over two peoples laps at the same time before, but it was AWESOME and I definitely hope to do it again someday very soon!!
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  1. What else can be said except YEEEEEEEEEHAAAAA ;-)

  2. bet she enjoy this spanking wish get another double spanking from them again