Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hollywood TNG Group: Fuzzy Party

Me, Maddy Marks and Alex Reynolds
Soooo...I went to a totally awesome party last night! 
Me, my friends: Maddy Marks, Alex Reynolds and many other awesome kinksters, shook our fuzzy bunny tails and got our kink on in the Hollywood Hills!
It was my first time going to a TNG party, so I was all like "erm...what does TNG stand for?"
"The Hollywood The Next Generation (TNG) group, is a group for young like minded kinksters. This group is for the discussion and planning of events for members between the ages of 18 and 35 and, should they happen to have them, their dedicated life partners who may fall outside that range."
<3 Friendzez <3
I had never been to a kinky event with so many people my own age!! Typically, in the LA Scene at least, you'll only run into a select few people 35 yrs and under....which is perfectly fine lol, but it's definitely a different kind of crowd. Once in awhile it's nice to be able to connect with people in your own generation. It was really awesome to get to hang out, mingle, and share shenanigans at this TNG event! I definitely plan on getting more involved with their group.
<3 Me Spankin' the Adorable Alex Reynolds <3
Pretty n' Pink!
My Swollen Hand and the Teeny Tiny Blood Blister I got from Spanking Alex!
I'm Kinda Super Proud of my Battle Wound ;)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Double-Spanked in Uncle Bob's Woodshed

  DoubleSpanked Woodshed
Watch me get spanked over two laps at once for a hard double punishment that leaves my little bottom glowing! 
First, Uncle Bob drags me down to the woodshed where I am spanked over my short-shorts, then, they get hiked-up to reveal all of my pink parts for a double handspanking at Uncle Bob and my Daddy's hands...and lastly, my poor punished bottom gets an extra ouchy double leather paddling!
This was one of my favorite spankings ever! I loved being marched down to the woodshed and forced over the knee for a very ouchy punishment! I had never been over two peoples laps at the same time before, but it was AWESOME and I definitely hope to do it again someday very soon!!
Purchase the clips: Uncle Bob's Woodshed

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Veronica Ricci's Guide to Babysiting Christy Cutie

Veronica gets her first job, babysitting Christy Cutie. Jamie comes along to make sure that Veronica doesn't screw up her first job. 
Christy is extremely bratty, so Jamie teaches Veronica how to handle this by spanking Christy, then having Veronica spank her also with her hand and a large wooden paddle.
 However, the tables are turned when Jamie learns that Veronica has been masturbating on the job! Jamie tells Veronica that she will be punished for her inappropriate behavior. She then instructs little Christy on how to give her naughty sitter a good old fashioned spanking!
Check out the clip!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Exclusive Education: Year Seven

Principal Miller is anxious to have Ms. Snow come to her office right away. When the teacher does visit the principal, she finds her spanking a naughty student. And while Ms. Snow is away, her class is acting up. When she returns, Ms. Snow, along with her teacher's assistant Sarah Gregory, spank all of the girls with hand and hairbrush and then the naughtiest girl with a cane. Principal Miller then decides to discipline the teacher. And then Ms. Snow gets her spanking revenge on the Principal's assistant (Kay Richards) along with students Veronica Ricci and Cami Smalls. An epic spanking story with 15 models and nearly 2 hours of spanking.

Lana Miller, Snow Mercy, Sarah Gregory, Veronica Ricci, Paris Kennedy, Phoenix Askani, Christy Cutie, Katherine St. James, Riley, Ginger S, Edanya, Koko, Kay Richards, Porcelain Ass, Cami Smalls

Christy Cutie

In trouble, as usual, I am called to the front of the class for a bare bottom spanking!

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Bring It On-- The Ass Beating

Starring Sabrina and Christy 
"Two naughty cheerleaders are summoned to the judges room at regional competition for non stop fighting. Threatened with being sent home, they grudgingly accept their fate. Skirts up, over the knee for an ass beating they will never forget!"
My Booty :)
"Given the choice of disqualification or accepting painful discipline over his lap, they both choose to take the ass beating of their lives ! One by one, their skirts are flipped up out of the way, and they are spanked on the seat of their tight cotton panties. They both yowls and kick in protest as their juicy globes are spanked hard. Next the hairbrush scorches their backsides, each swat teaching her a lesson."

Me and Sabrina being sad-face
 "Next, the girls' panties lowered to mid thigh, their bottoms are rubbed with soothing lotion, cooling their hot skin. Sadly, the naughty girls learn that they will be paddled on their lotion soaked bottoms. The girls prepare  themselves for the excruciating sting of the paddle on their bare bottoms. Exploding pain, protesting loudly earns the girls another volley of swats before the horrible paddling continues. The thin black walnut paddle cracks across their bottoms over over, 100 times, fast and furious as they writhe and cry over his lap."

Check out the Clips: Assume the Position Studios">Br… It On - the Ass Beating, 2 Naughty Cheerleaders">Na… Cheerleader Christy Paddled and Bruised -Bring It On - the Ass Beating">Be… Whipped Cheerleaders - Christy and Sabrina get the BELT plus 12 of the Best