Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Jingle Bell Swats

Merry Christmas everybody!
I've been a very busy beaver this month--lots of fun parties and holiday themed shoots.
This set of pictures is from some fun Christmas Shoots I did with my Daddy.

Jingle Bell Swats - Christy on the Naughty List

"Naughty little Christy gets an early present from Daddy.  A thick leather paddle embossed with the word BRAT for her bratty little bottom, always in need of spankings. Dressed in Jingle Bell panties, white stockings with red bows, and nothing more than red bows covering her pretty boobies, she immediately insists that Daddy paddle her bottom right then and there!"
"Clambering over his lap, the Brat Paddle falls hard and fast on her juicy jiggling bottom. The jingle bells on her panties ring loudly with each impact as the festive spanking warms up her naughty backside. Sensing she needs a release, the spanking intensifies as Christy begins to cry. Her panties are yanked down to mid thigh. Melting into Daddy's lap as she lets go, getting exactly what she needs. The paddle has a very ouchy textured side that is applied firmly, resulting in sobbing tears. After she regains composure, she is ordered to hand Daddy the punishment paddle. Trapping her legs under his, he paddles her hard until the tears flow freely. "
"Gathering his sobbing girl in his arms to console her until the tears subside. Daddy asks if she needs a few more swats, Christy wastes no time diving back over his knee for some extra hard punishing paddle swats.  Her bottom will throb for the rest of the night as she goes out to a party in her naughty outfit. Her peach globes glowing with Holiday cheer like Rudolph's nose."

Christmas Drop Seat Pajama Spanking and Paddling - Christy Caught Snooping Under the Tree

"Hiding under the covers pretending to be asleep. Someone has been digging in the presents under the tree, but Christy refuses to confess. She’s been naughty and she knows it!"
"Pulled out of bed and over Daddy’s lap in her Christmas Drop seat pajamas for a good old fashioned spanking. Swats on the seat of her cozy jammies have minimal effect, and the drop seat is soon unbuttoned to expose her little pink bottom."
"Daddy’s hand comes down hard, jiggling her pretty globes with each spank. Soon she is ordered to undress with her pajamas pulled down to her knees, embarrassed and fully exposed for discipline. The thick leather BRAT paddle smacks down on her poor little bottom as she wails in distress, promising to be a good girl. By the end of her punishment her bare bottom is swollen glowing as red as her drop seat pajamas."

Check out the clips:

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