Friday, November 30, 2012

Sternwood Academy Vol. II

Naughty Girls Get Sent to Sternwood Academy 

"Sternwood Academy is a finishing school for young ladies needing to be taught the social graces of high society, higher education, and stern discipline - all of which is taught through "the seat of education"!" Starring Cali Katarina, Cheyenne Jewel, Ella Darling, Heather Green, Alex Reynolds, Maddy Marks and ME, Christy Cutie.

Sternwood Academy Class Picture Fall 2012
Post-Spanking Giggles and Silliness 
Naughty Sternwood Schoolgirls:
Maddy Marks, Alex Reynolds, Heather Green, Christy Cutie and Ela Darling
Misbehaving During Lessons 
Misbehaving Schoolgirls get their Naughty Bottoms Spanked!
Me (Christy Cutie) and Alex Reynolds
in our "Punishment Uniforms"
Getting my Bare Bottom Spanked with a
Super OUCHIE Hairbrush
This was my Favorite Scene! I Got my
Bare Bottom Beat with a Yummy, Thick, Rubber Strap!
Sternwood Academy Clips:
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