Friday, August 10, 2012

TASSP 2012: Naughty Schoolgirls Party

Me and Casey Calvert 
The Naughty Schoolgirls Party was my absolute favorite part of The Texas All-State Spanking Party!!! All naughty schoolgirls were instructed to report to the Ballroom for "class"--dressed in our school uniforms of course ;). 
Casey Calvert, Christy Cutie, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Pandora Blake,
 Sarah Gregory, Princess Kelley
This Role Play Party consisted of about 5 Teachers, 3 Head Girls/Prefects, and around 30 Students!! This must have been one of the largest Role Play Scenes ever! 
Here I am getting spanked
The Scene started out with all of the students sitting in their seats like good lil but that didn't last for long. The spankings got kicked off with punishments for Skirt Length Violations. I of course, found myself in the queue for that paddling, what with my skirt that barely covered my bottom. 
Here I am getting it again!
While the spankings for Dress Code Violations got doled out, the students still in their seats became restless. Dart guns, rubber bands, paper airplanes, wads of paper...basically any cliche naughty stunt was unleashed!  My weapon of choice was the dart gun!!! My mischievous friends and I took turns shooting the teachers with it! 
And Again!!!
At first I was pretty awful at aiming the but after some practice I managed to shoot Kyle Johnson right on the back of his head! SCORE! Of course I got my butt beat, lol but that after all is the entire be as naughty as possible and get as many spankings as you can manage....getting caught red handed so you can get a red bottom!

 Eventually, after the class had really gotten out of hand, the teachers decided that we all needed a good long spanking..."Young ladies, line up in the front of the room and bend over with your bottoms bared!"
 Having already been spanked for throwing paper, shooting darts and eating candy in class, all of the students squirmed for this final series of swats! Lined up cheek to cheek each naughty schoolgirl was spanked hard and given a stern reminder of how to behave in class.
Needless to say my bottom was VERY red and sore by the end of this party! And it was so much fun earning my sore booty!!! Crawling around on hands and knees, stealing toys, shooting guns, sneaking candy (note my blue tongue as shown above)...this was the best schoolgirl party ever! I absolutely cannot wait til next year! I'm definitely going to have to plan some naughty pranks...perhaps even invest in a dart gun of my own >;) Hey, a girl's gotta practice!