Saturday, May 19, 2012

Spanked Call Girls Shoot with Clare Fonda:

Back in April I got the opportunity to work with the world-renowned spanking icon, Miss Clare Fonda!
A wonderful experience and tons of fun to boot; Sarah Gregory, Clare and myself shot scenes for one of Clare's websites: Spanked Call Girls

Sarah Gregory, Clare Fonda and me
Clare Spanks Sarah and Christy
The premise of this particular scene was definitely very naughty!
"Clare is upset with veteran call girl, Sarah Gregory, and bratty new girl, Christy Cutie for stealing money from clients."

 "She teaches Christy how things go when Mama Clare gets upset, by putting her over her knee for a hand and hairbrush spanking."

 "Then Sarah is reminded that she should watch out for the newbees when Clare does the same to Sarah." 

 "Sarah is then made to spank Christy with a large wooden paddle, before Clare puts Sarah back over her knee for a final flurry of spanks."

My poor bottom was VERY sore after all of that spanking! 
Sadly, this was Clare Fonda's last spanking shoot. I am so lucky to have been able to work with her :) 
Clare, Sarah, and even the wonderful cameraman , made this shoot one of the funnest shoots I've worked on! Such a fun day, with such fun people! I hope to work with them all again soon :)
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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Seaside Swats 2012:

Hello again everybody!
I know it's been absolutely ages since I last blogged lol so I'm back with a new format...I'm now going to be posting fun pictures and stories about my personal experiences in the world of spanking :)

So first off I have to tell you all about my very first big spanking party!!! 
The first annual Seaside Swats 2012 spanking party was held back in April (lol yeah over a month ago :p ) at the beautiful Catamaran Resort located in sunny San Diego, California!
An absolutely beautiful location and one of the most exciting trips I've ever been on!
Uncle Bob and his lovely wife Kitty worked tirelessly and created an amazing spanking atmosphere! There were games, and vendors, tons of  beautifully crafted toys, other celebrity spankers and spankees, and did I mention that there was a ton of spanking going on?!?! 
Sarah Gregory, Dana Specht, Uncle Bob and me
Everywhere you looked someone was being spanked! There was such a feeling of community, everyone was so friendly and welcoming that by the end of the weekend  everyone was friends and no one wanted the party to be over. 
Lol all I know is that Seaside Swats was a spanko's dream come true and I can't wait til next year