Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Daddy's Pouty Princess:

Short Story by Christy Cutie
“Stop your pouting this instant, young lady” Daddy whispered sternly to his baby girl.
Christy and her Daddy were attending a party that evening and Christy had been sulking for the past half hour; complaining and not all together being a very good girl.
“I am NOT pouting!” Christy argued, folding her arms petulantly across her chest.
Daddy raised an eyebrow, and grabbed his baby girl firmly by the upper arm, “let’s go for a walk, little girl.”
“But, Daddy, I don’t wanna…” Christy whined, her pretty pink lips forming a pout, as her Daddy marched her out of the apartment and into the hallway.
The corridor was chilly, but the cool air felt good after having been in the humid and overcrowded apartment. Christy stopped pouting; feeling grateful to have some alone time with her Daddy, and secretly hoping that her Daddy would do some very naughty things to her in this very deserted hallway.
But, before she could utter another word, Daddy had bent her over the nearest banister and yanked the hem of her dress up, revealing her sheer little panties.
“Eeek! No, Daddy, please! I’m sorry I was naughty! I’ll be a good girl, I promise! Daddy, please don’t spank me!!!” Christy squealed as she wriggled her bottom akimbo over the railing.
Wordlessly, Daddy raised his hand and gave Christy’s fat little bottom six stern SWATS. Ashamed and worried that someone would see her being spanked, Christy took her swats in silence; wincing each time her Daddy’s strong hand struck her.
Daddy stood his baby girl upright, and smacked her hard across the face, “straighten up.” He reprimanded. Christy whimpered sadly, and made to readjust her clothing, “Who told you to pull your dress back down? I’m nowhere near finished with your naughty bottom, bend back over, NOW.”
Christy bit her quivering bottom lip, but did what she was told; she knew that look in her Daddy’s eyes, it was no use arguing with him, she had earned herself a spanking and there was no getting out of it.
Back over the banister, this time, her skirt up and sheer little panties pulled down and off. “Step out.” Daddy instructed, as he helped Christy out of her panties and stuffed them into his pocket. “Naughty girls don’t get to wear panties, do they, young lady?” Christy shook her head sadly, as Daddy held her in position, SMACKing his baby girl’s creamy white bottom until it glowed a pale pink.
Christy winced and squealed as quietly as she could possibly manage, each hard WHACK stinging her rosy cheeks and thrusting her little hips forward against the railing. Christy blushed profusely as she felt the deliciously cool air kiss her most intimate anatomy; her pink little lips wet with arousal.
Daddy gave Christy a very hard SWAT, letting his hand linger on her rosy bottom, massaging it for a moment before letting his fingers delve in between her thighs, “What’s this, princess?” he teased, his voice still stern, as his fingers inspected Christy’s soaking wet cunt. Christy blushed anew, glancing around the corridor to make sure that no one was watching the proceedings; her heart was racing, but, her mind was racing faster still, naughty fantasies whirling in her head.
Daddy yanked his baby girl to her feet, and pinned her chest against the icy window behind them, as he fiercely pulled down the top of her strapless dress, fully exposing her pert little breasts to the bustling city below. 
Christy gasped, the cold glass making her nipples painfully hard. Daddy grabbed her breasts, squeezing and pinching them harshly till she moaned with exquisite pleasure. And then, wordlessly, Daddy took his baby girl’s hand and placed it on the bulge in his pants; Christy grinned mischievously as she massaged her Daddy, feeling his throbbing cock pulsating against her freshly spanked bottom.
“Does my little princess want some of daddy’s candy?” Daddy whispered, his warm breath on her neck raised goose bumps all along her body, and made her moan with delicious desire.
Daddy spun his baby girl around to face him, slowly pushing Christy to her knees as he undid his pants, allowing his member to spring free and stand erect. Christy’s eyes widened eagerly as she obediently opened her mouth and began to suckle on her Daddy’s large cock. She licked and teased it till it became wonderfully stiff in her little mouth, loving how her Daddy thrust it into her, feeling its length jabbing the back of her throat again and again.
Daddy’s baby girl continually ran her tongue along his hard cock savoring the slightly salty flavor, greedily sucking and wanting more. Then Daddy grabbed Christy by the hair thrusting his manhood deep into her throat, making Christy gurgle and drool as he roughly fucked her.
Tears ran down Christy’s cheeks as her Daddy continued to use her, and right at the moment when she felt as though she could no longer breathe, her Daddy exploded inside of her; his hot, sticky cum bursting into her mouth and shooting into the back of her throat. She moaned with pleasure adoring how her Daddy’s large cock pulsated as it gushed his yummy candy inside of her.
Daddy sighed contently with his release, proud of his little girl for taking all of his candy and not spilling a single drop. “That’s my good girl,” Daddy praised, looking down at his little princess. Christy smiled back up at her Daddy, so happy to have pleased him and so glad to belong to him.

Friday, January 6, 2012

The Top 10 Worst Things To Do After Being Spanked:

Hello all!
Today's entry shall focus on the least pleasant activities to partake in post-spanking. This list of activities has been complied by my dear friend, Carlislegirl, as well as myself; we highly recommend that these activities be avoided (...unless you happen to be an exhibitionist pain slut that is! lol and in that case take notes and enjoy)!!!
Top 10 Worst Things To Do After Being Spanked: 
  1. Exercise...any activity that makes one sweat! It stings like prickly heat.
  2. Have a hot shower or bath… It burns like prickly heat!
  3. Go swimming… hmm O.o
  4. Go clothes shopping with vanilla friends
  5. Forget to snib the door closed while changing or showering. Parents, friends etc. walk in and see your bum!
  6. Wear anything tight. Ouch!
  7. Sit. (any interpretation of this word will work)
  8. Have a pap smear, bikini wax or the like booked while still red and bruised.
  9. Ride a roller coaster! You’ll be screaming for an entirely different reason!
  10. And THE absolute worst thing you want to do after getting a spanking is: EARN ANOTHER ONE! omFg