Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Jingle Bell Swats

Merry Christmas everybody!
I've been a very busy beaver this month--lots of fun parties and holiday themed shoots.
This set of pictures is from some fun Christmas Shoots I did with my Daddy.

Jingle Bell Swats - Christy on the Naughty List

"Naughty little Christy gets an early present from Daddy.  A thick leather paddle embossed with the word BRAT for her bratty little bottom, always in need of spankings. Dressed in Jingle Bell panties, white stockings with red bows, and nothing more than red bows covering her pretty boobies, she immediately insists that Daddy paddle her bottom right then and there!"
"Clambering over his lap, the Brat Paddle falls hard and fast on her juicy jiggling bottom. The jingle bells on her panties ring loudly with each impact as the festive spanking warms up her naughty backside. Sensing she needs a release, the spanking intensifies as Christy begins to cry. Her panties are yanked down to mid thigh. Melting into Daddy's lap as she lets go, getting exactly what she needs. The paddle has a very ouchy textured side that is applied firmly, resulting in sobbing tears. After she regains composure, she is ordered to hand Daddy the punishment paddle. Trapping her legs under his, he paddles her hard until the tears flow freely. "
"Gathering his sobbing girl in his arms to console her until the tears subside. Daddy asks if she needs a few more swats, Christy wastes no time diving back over his knee for some extra hard punishing paddle swats.  Her bottom will throb for the rest of the night as she goes out to a party in her naughty outfit. Her peach globes glowing with Holiday cheer like Rudolph's nose."

Christmas Drop Seat Pajama Spanking and Paddling - Christy Caught Snooping Under the Tree

"Hiding under the covers pretending to be asleep. Someone has been digging in the presents under the tree, but Christy refuses to confess. She’s been naughty and she knows it!"
"Pulled out of bed and over Daddy’s lap in her Christmas Drop seat pajamas for a good old fashioned spanking. Swats on the seat of her cozy jammies have minimal effect, and the drop seat is soon unbuttoned to expose her little pink bottom."
"Daddy’s hand comes down hard, jiggling her pretty globes with each spank. Soon she is ordered to undress with her pajamas pulled down to her knees, embarrassed and fully exposed for discipline. The thick leather BRAT paddle smacks down on her poor little bottom as she wails in distress, promising to be a good girl. By the end of her punishment her bare bottom is swollen glowing as red as her drop seat pajamas."

Check out the clips:

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Friday, November 30, 2012

Sternwood Academy Vol. II

Naughty Girls Get Sent to Sternwood Academy 

"Sternwood Academy is a finishing school for young ladies needing to be taught the social graces of high society, higher education, and stern discipline - all of which is taught through "the seat of education"!" Starring Cali Katarina, Cheyenne Jewel, Ella Darling, Heather Green, Alex Reynolds, Maddy Marks and ME, Christy Cutie.

Sternwood Academy Class Picture Fall 2012
Post-Spanking Giggles and Silliness 
Naughty Sternwood Schoolgirls:
Maddy Marks, Alex Reynolds, Heather Green, Christy Cutie and Ela Darling
Misbehaving During Lessons 
Misbehaving Schoolgirls get their Naughty Bottoms Spanked!
Me (Christy Cutie) and Alex Reynolds
in our "Punishment Uniforms"
Getting my Bare Bottom Spanked with a
Super OUCHIE Hairbrush
This was my Favorite Scene! I Got my
Bare Bottom Beat with a Yummy, Thick, Rubber Strap!
Sternwood Academy Clips: http://clips4sale.com/57609
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Saturday, October 27, 2012

PhotoTECH Photoshoot

Here are some shots from one of my photoshoots October 2012.
Photographer: PhotoTECH

 Rockin' the pigtails at BJU >;)
I may have contracted a fetish for plaid ;)
 Booty Pop!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Super Spiffy Paddles!

So, I was at a Play Party last weekend-- hanging out with my fellow spankos and basically getting my butt beat all day *grins*. The theme of the party was "Back to School", naturally this means that I had to wear my sluttiest schoolgirl outfit and heels. But, I'm getting sidetracked, the point that I'm trying to get to is that at this party there was a dude and he had the most outrageous paddles!!!
Count Boogie's new toy company, Book Smarts, manufactures delightfully creative and spank-tastic paddles that are crafted out of your favorite books!
"Book Smarts, if they won't read it, beat em with it!"--Count Boogie
Being an ex-preacher, Boogie originally started his company out with "Bible Thumpers"--guess what books these paddles were made out of? *wink wink* After making several lovely Book Smarts of the Bible variety, Boogie decided to branch out. He now creates Book Smarts paddles out of all sorts of books: Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, Shakespear, Ster Trek, and other classics or pop culture icon literature, just to name a few. 
In addition to the whimsical variety of paddles available, Boogie's Book Smarts aren't too pricey. The prices range from $15-$30. Fantastic prices for spank-tastic toys!
my delightfully stingy, yet thumpy Thumper 
When I spotted Boogie and his paddles at the spanking party, I just had to take a closer look--investigate and test out his products if you will. So I picked out three of my favorite paddles, and bent over so my ass could be subject to the product testing. Once again, I was wearing a very slutty *ahem* I mean short, yet tasteful schoolgirl skirt, so my very exposed bottom got quite the spanking! 
my Bible Thumper and freshly spanked bottom
After severally yummy swats with each book, I deduced that the thicker, heavier books made a delightful thud, and packed quite the wallop, while the smaller and thinner books gave me a very ouchie sting. Both types were equally enjoyable! 
It was very hard for me to choose which paddle I wanted to take home to my Daddy, but in the end/after several more swats helped me make up my mind, I went with the stingy Bible Thumper! 
I absolutely adore my new toy! I think I may want another one...perhaps an erotic novel by Anne Rice....or what about 50 Shades of Grey? *winkie face*

Friday, August 10, 2012

TASSP 2012: Naughty Schoolgirls Party

Me and Casey Calvert 
The Naughty Schoolgirls Party was my absolute favorite part of The Texas All-State Spanking Party!!! All naughty schoolgirls were instructed to report to the Ballroom for "class"--dressed in our school uniforms of course ;). 
Casey Calvert, Christy Cutie, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Pandora Blake,
 Sarah Gregory, Princess Kelley
This Role Play Party consisted of about 5 Teachers, 3 Head Girls/Prefects, and around 30 Students!! This must have been one of the largest Role Play Scenes ever! 
Here I am getting spanked
The Scene started out with all of the students sitting in their seats like good lil girls....lol but that didn't last for long. The spankings got kicked off with punishments for Skirt Length Violations. I of course, found myself in the queue for that paddling, what with my skirt that barely covered my bottom. 
Here I am getting it again!
While the spankings for Dress Code Violations got doled out, the students still in their seats became restless. Dart guns, rubber bands, paper airplanes, wads of paper...basically any cliche naughty stunt was unleashed!  My weapon of choice was the dart gun!!! My mischievous friends and I took turns shooting the teachers with it! 
And Again!!!
At first I was pretty awful at aiming the gun...lol but after some practice I managed to shoot Kyle Johnson right on the back of his head! SCORE! Of course I got my butt beat, lol but that after all is the entire point...to be as naughty as possible and get as many spankings as you can manage....getting caught red handed so you can get a red bottom!

 Eventually, after the class had really gotten out of hand, the teachers decided that we all needed a good long spanking..."Young ladies, line up in the front of the room and bend over with your bottoms bared!"
 Having already been spanked for throwing paper, shooting darts and eating candy in class, all of the students squirmed for this final series of swats! Lined up cheek to cheek each naughty schoolgirl was spanked hard and given a stern reminder of how to behave in class.
Needless to say my bottom was VERY red and sore by the end of this party! And it was so much fun earning my sore booty!!! Crawling around on hands and knees, stealing toys, shooting guns, sneaking candy (note my blue tongue as shown above)...this was the best schoolgirl party ever! I absolutely cannot wait til next year! I'm definitely going to have to plan some naughty pranks...perhaps even invest in a dart gun of my own >;) Hey, a girl's gotta practice!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Tennis Team Spanking Shoot:

While in Texas, I was given the opportunity to shoot with many wonderful models and producers! One of the shoots I did was for Sarah Gregory's website: www.sarahgregoryspanking.com 
Casey Calvert & I Ready & Waiting for our Spankings!
"Five naughty girls get spanked by their Tennis coach for drinking and being late to their game. They are staying in a hotel at an away game and drinking is very much against the rules. Coach Rogers is ready to call their parents when they protest. They all agree to take a spanking for their punishment rather than have their folks find out about their naughty behavior."
Such naughty girls!

 We queue up for our spanking, and one by one Coach takes us over his knee.
 We anxiously wait our turns...but of course, being the naughty girls that we are, we continue to pass the bottle of alcohol around...taking swigs of it as we stand with our "noses against the wall".

Casey Calvert, Me, Sarah Gregory, Shay Elizabeth, Ten Amorette
 All too soon Coach has all five of us lined up for a  final volley of swats...our bottoms bared and already rosy red!
Ganging up on Sarah....SPANK-MOB!!!
Check Out the Clips:

Thursday, July 26, 2012

TASSP 2012: Models' Brunch

Meet the Models
The Texas All-State Spanking Party was held this past June in Dallas, Texas! My first out-of-state spanking party experience and a wonderful one at that! The only problem is that there was just too much fun for me to talk about in one blog entry...soooo this will be the first in a series of entries about my many adventures in Texas!
To start off I thought it might be nice to introduce you to the other spanking models at TASSP. These fun pictures were taken at the Models' Brunch--yummy snacks, adorable bottoms, and spankings galore!!! 

 Being silly! (That's my "Oooh, I'm gonna tell on you" face)
Front Row: Me, Sarah Gregory, Casey Calvert (holding Scarlett the cutest girl at the party!), and Ten Amorette
Middle Row: Shay Elizabeth, Pandora Blake, Princess Kelley
Back Row: KayeHeather MichaelsAmelia Jane RutherfordJenni MackMiss Chris, and Jackie Daniels

Me, Alex Reynolds, Casey Calvert being awesome!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Photo Shoot: Mike D

Happy 4th of July everybody! 

Here are a few of the more patriotic shots from my shoot I did this week with Mike DI really enjoyed working with Mike on these pinup-esque images. Daisy Dukes, my favorite red, polka dot bikini and wedges...basically I had WAY too much fun playing dress up! I mean honestly, what girl doesn't like prancing around in heels and tiny shorts?

Photographer: Mike D

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Spanking Sorority Girls Shoot: Episode 9

This is the first of many of my adventures on Clare Fonda's: Spanked Sorority Girls website. I am delighted to be one of the reoccurring stars for this soap opera styled site! In this edition my character is introduced to the boarding school for wayward girls. 

"When Christy arrives to the sorority house later than the other girls, the troubled school girl believes that she has missed any hazing activities. But senior sister Sarah Gregory shows up to her room to give Christy a personal demonstration as to what she can expect in her pledge year."
"She spanks Christy over her knee with her hand and hairbrush, long and hard."
"Then she finishes her off with several strokes from an extra stingy cane. It is a rude welcoming to the sorority for the pledge who likes to fight."

This shoot was oodles of fun! I love playing the part of a bratty girl with a sassy attitude, of course, that isn't really a stretch for me...lol those of you who know me will be able to vouch for me when I say this.
It was fantastic getting to work with my good friend Sarah Gregory again! She and I have too much fun together; laughing and joking around with the Cameraman between takes. Little did I know, that the Cameraman hands out some of the hardest spankings around! But, that  is a story for another time ;) and this shoot is a wrap!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Adventures in Figging:

So I officially have a new fetish! I've had it done to me twice now and I am absolutely in love with the stingy, burning sensation!

But hold on, before I get ahead of myself I guess I should explain what the hell "Figging" is. In short, Figging is a form of anal play.
First and foremost Figging is NOT done with Figs! So you can just get that picture out of your head right now. Figging is done with Ginger Roots. Confusing I know, but really do you honestly think that a Fig could fit up your bum?! Well if it can...I don't wanna know about it lol...that could be a mess...eeeew.

Moving on, according to Ms. Margret Davis, "While there is still controversy as to the origins and reasons to figging..." Some believe that ginger was originally inserted into race horses' anuses in order to make them run faster in races...this practice was known as "gingering"...perhaps that is the reason why they changed the name of the practice for human victims lol. To continue, "...it is fairly well agreed upon that it dates back to the Victorian era. Mentions of figging can be found in some Victorian literature. Back in those days, the Victorians were a fairly bawdy, perverted, kinky bunch behind closed doors.
Caning, a very popular form of punishment, especially for the female miscreant, was elevated to an art form itself. There is evidence that figging actually had its beginnings when ginger was used in a caning victim's anus to prevent her from clenching her buttocks during punishment. Clenching one's bottom while it hosts ginger causes an intense burning sensation."

How to Prepare your Ginger Root

Figging: an explanation of how to...
Figging is fairly simply really, go to your local grocery store and pick out a "hand of ginger"..let it be noted that the fresher the ginger the better the sensation, additionally organic ginger is FAR superior to the non-organic stuff! Once you have procured your ginger roots, cut off one of the fingers, and as displayed in the diagram above, begin to pare off the brown layer. Your finger by no means needs to be as large and daunting as the one displayed above! The fingers I have had inserted were far smaller both in length and width and I was still perfectly capable of feeling plenty of burning in my bum!

Once your finger has been carved into the shape you so desire (the finger should be no shorter than 4") you can prepare your sub/bottom for insertion. It is easiest if they lay tummy down over a stack of pillows. Note: do NOT use lube with ginger. Lubricant acts as a sealant and prevents the ginger moisture from releasing; in other words that means no yummy, stingy, burning sensation! Instead, use  cold water to keep the finger wet and go ahead and use spit for lubing up the anus. Slowly and gently insert the finger.

At this point, if your ginger is fresh and organic, it should already start tingling and burning inside them. Once the ginger is fully in place, the sensation can become completely overwhelming. The sweet burn of pain and pleasure laced together can be quite arousing. And now that you've completed the figging bit, you can commence with the proceedings and spank away! Make sure that you do NOT strike the end of the ginger root! It could break...and well...yeah...that wouldn't be good. 

Figging Videos:
http://www.clips4sale.com/44797/8427703 "Ba… for Figging and Severe Birching in the Headmaster’s Study - Full Movie