Saturday, April 8, 2017

Christy's Dirty Secrets with Dana Kane

In this fun scene I get to play with one of my favorite female Tops, the lovely Dana Kane! This film is part of a series in which I play one of Auntie Dana's Naughty Nieces alongside the adorable Ela Darling!
"My sweetest niece, Christy, has come to spend another weekend with Auntie Dana, and I am so happy to see her - but as soon as she arrives, she admits that she's been very naughty and needs a spanking badly."
"I ask Christy what she's done, but she can't even say it out loud, and has to whisper her secrets in my ear while she sits in my lap."
"I am shocked at what my supposedly-innocent niece tells me, and spank her naughty little bottom hard with my bare hand while she squirms and wiggles on my lap. Bad girl!"
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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Cheerleader Spankings with Sarah & Christy

One of my all time favorite roleplaying scenarios is being a naughty cheerleader! Lucky for me, one of my best friends, the lovely Sarah Gregory, has created a NEW spanking website all about cheerleader spankings!!! Like OMG can you believe that!? Anyways, I'm really excited to show you guys some of our yummy cheerleading scenes that we filmed together!
In this scene Sarah gives me a very ouchy over the knee spanking along with a good hard strapping with her leather strap!
 Bent over a stack of pillows, panties yanked down to expose my pink parts, Sarah proceeds to strap my bare bottom good and HARD! 
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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Playtime with Alex & Christy

 In this super fun scene I get to play with one of my best friends, the adorable Alex Reynolds! And when the two of us get together, let me tell you, we are double the trouble! This time we are naughty schoolgirls! Alex plays the role of my experienced friend who has received a paddling from the Headmistress (Pandora Blake) once before. I play a girl who has never been spanked with the school paddle before. So we decide to do a little exploration in the Headmistress' Office...Alex wants to share her experience with me, and show me just what the school paddle feels like.
We tip toe into the empty office, and find the Headmistress' large leather paddle sitting on top of her desk. Alex suggests that we play with it a bit. She picks up the heavy paddle, and I bend over feeling wary about our impending experiment.
Alex lifts up the hem of my skirt, exposing my white cotton panties, and gives my bottom a SMACK with the heavy paddle! 
We giggle. This experiment is kinda fun. She rubs my bottom and gives me several more whacks with the paddle.
Now it's my turn! I spin Alex about, exposing her bottom and smacking it with the paddle! Now we're really having fun!! We giggle and begin to play with each other.
 Of course, all naughty shenanigans must come to an end....
The Headmistress came back to her office and caught us red bottomed!
Miss Blake scolds us and promises to give our bare bottoms a thorough introduction to her leather paddle!
We soon find ourselves bent over Miss Blake's desk, lined up cheek by cheek, with our panties yanked down and our bare bottoms on display!
The Headmistress gives both Alex and myself a very hard spanking with her heavy school paddle! Needless to say, Alex and I would no longer be touching things in Miss Blake's office.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Christy Cutie is a Naughty Cheerleader

As I'm sure you all know by now, I am a very naughty girl. I'm an especially naughty cheerleader. In this yummy scene I am up to my usual shenanigans...teasing the football players and distracting them during their big game. The coach has decided that I need a good old fashioned paddling for displaying such vulgar behaviors on the field. I have been sent to my dorm room to await my punishment. 
When the coach enters my dorm room I am subjected to more than a mere paddling. I am exposed, humiliated, and punished thoroughly...
I am told to assume the position, on my hands and knees, with my panty clad bottom exposed for the coach's paddle!
I receive a very hard paddling over my panties, but the humiliation doesn't stop there. The coach instructs me to lay on my back with my legs up in the air so he can spank me in diaper position just like a little girl!! 
And what came next was the most embarrassing, and painful punishment I have ever received...the coach then proceeded to yank my panties up into my pink parts and gave my bare pussy a spanking with his hand! This is what happens when naughty cheerleaders behave like sluts on the coach's field.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Spanked Call Girls: Veronica & Christy

Veronica Ricci had told Christy Cutie that she must dress “evil” for the callgirl party. 
But Christy, as usual, dressed “cute.” So Veronica must teach her a lesson with a long, hard spanking with her hand and a wooden paddle. 
But Christy blackmails Veronica and ends up spanking Elvira’s curvy bottom as well.
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Friday, February 20, 2015

Dormitory Discipline

The Headmaster makes a visit to Christy’s dormitory room to get to the bottom of her ongoing behavior. Christy made a spectacle of herself at the school assembly, flashing her bare breasts with the Mayor in attendance! 
Over the Headmasters knee she goes for a good hard spanking. Pausing to bare her bottom, she obediently hands him the HAIRBRUSH, meekly asking him to spank her as hard as she deserves. 
Her bare bottom is blistered as she carries on, kicking and crying. Her pretty face contorted in pain as she pouts through her lengthy punishment, yet this is only the beginning of the swollen, bruised bottom she has earned. 

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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christy's Christmas Spanking

It’s Christmas morning and I guess Santa thought that I was especially naughty this year…I got an icky old lump of coal!
My Daddy is very strict. He always gives my bare bottom an ouchie spanking when I am a naughty little girl. And this year I was naughty enough to get on the Naughty List! 

Daddy laid out all of his meanest implements….my bottom was about to receive a very sound spanking!
Daddy instructed me to bend over. My pajama clad bottom pushed out and prepared for punishment. 
“Now, little girl, Daddy is going to give you 100 swats on your naughty bottom.” 
I whimpered, knowing that the worse was yet to come!

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